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I'm Jean

I'm a personal and professional coach committed to creating exceptional lives.

I am passionate about my clients living a life of fulfillment and joy on their terms by knowing themselves at a deep level.

I support my clients in navigating through fear, anxiety, stress and self-doubt so that they can experience true freedom, peace, confidence and joy. I help my clients uplevel all aspects of their lives so that they can fully step into a life they absolutely love!


What Clients Say:

"Jean is a brilliant coach and she has helped me in so many ways beyond what I ever thought was possible! Before I started working with Jean I felt lost in how to go about achieving my goals. Jean instilled in me the skills I needed to make a plan of action, do the hard work necessary to achieve my goals, and to have a long-lasting healthy relationship with myself. 


In just one short year, she helped me to gain confidence in myself and my abilities, so much so that I was able to manifest getting my dream job at The Walt Disney Studios and buy my first house! I also paid off $14,000 dollars in credit card debt and am now well on my way to achieving my goal of moving to Italy debt-free and with enough savings to take a year off of work!" 



Jean is a certified Mastery Method Coach through the Institute of Coaching Mastery™, which is an ICF accredited coaching institution. She is also an apprentice of world-renowned coach Michael Neill and is a certified transformative coach through Supercoach Academy.    

Additionally, she is a certified John Maxwell Coach and

a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

She graduated with honors from U.C. Berkeley

with a business degree and has 20+ years of experience

in Corporate Finance & Human Resources,

working for Fortune 500 companies.


She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two little girls. 

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